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Welcome to the SVRP India/Pakistan Community Forum, here you will find access to various applications, threads and our ticket system.

Your first step is to become a registered member of our forums, so please register for an account and remember to connect your discord to our forums, via Account and Clicking on Connected Accounts.

Standard whitelisting is currently -> OPEN (15-20 Days)

Donator whitelisting is currently -> OPEN (1-5 Days + SKIP INTERVIEW) (DONATE HERE)

Before applying ensure you read our Rules and Server Guidelines

About SubversionRP

SVRP India/Pakistan is a semi-realistic FiveM Roleplay server, where we strive for all of our members to stay professional, and enjoy the roleplay at all times. SVRP India was founded in August of 2020, and we are engaged in producing some of the best roleplay experiences around. If you are interested in joining, please click on the link to register above.
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